ZF 8HP45/70/75/90

            8hp 45/50/70/90

Before you continue scrolling, we ask you to watch this video.

This is a Toyota Supra equipped with the original 2JZ engine coupled to a BMW M4 DCT gearbox, driven by the HTG GCU.


HTG Gearbox Controller

The HTG Gearbox Controller is available for the transmissions below.

Getrag DCT BMW

ZF 6HP / 8HP Hydraulic

DSG Volkswagen

Porsche PDK transaxle

Air Shift for Sequential


HTG Gearbox Control Unit

In short we call it the GCU.
It’s most advanced automatic transmission controller on the market. Led by TOP quality and reliability along with PREMIUM class design, the GCU is a perfect fit for both PROFESSIONAL and hobby applications giving driver new possibilities and greatly enhancing performance. And what’s important – it’s super FUN regardless if You want to be racing freak running SEQUENTIAL mode or chilling out driver with an AUTO mode!

Be innovative. Simple as that.





GCU is a fully standalone solution and with that being said it takes the whole control over transmission operation.
It uses all onboard sensors and drives up to 12 valves and auxiliaries to maintain best driveability while pushing performance and motorsport temper to a maximum level.

There are both sequential (manual) and auto modes available that can be selected at any time. Be sporty and aggressive on track, but still be comfy and tamed while driving home 😉

It’s all possible with the same unit.
That’s why we call GCU versatile!




Retrofitting without a limit.

HTG tuning GCU standalone allows you to run any transmission mated with any engine in any car. Now that’s what we call freedom and unlimited possibilities.
Want to run dual clutch behind powerful 2J, and shred tires drifting? Go ahead!
Want to run TCC tranny with Your big V8 for drag racing? It has never been so easy!

Fitting automatic transmission in your favourite car is discrete modification that won’t defect it’s vibe, but will surely take it to the next level.





Advanced strategies

We've designed various strategies extending HTG Gearbox Control Unit functionalities to be even more versatile.

Clutch-by-wire or Virtual Clutch is one of those. It allows user to connect a switch or potentiometer and assign it as a clutch position override. It means that whenever clutch pedal or button is depressed user takes full control on it's operation. This allows to perform i.e. clutch kicking or burnouts which have never been possible with automatic transmissions so far!

Trans-brake strategy is an another strategy available in TCC (torque converter clutch) featuring gearboxes. It allows to lock the transmission allowing engine to build boost and perform smooth but very powerful launch control with preloaded drivetrain to minimize slip losses and wear to a drivetrain.